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Asean Innovative Science Environmental and Entrepreneur Fair (AISEEF) 2021 is one of the biggest and important events at the ASEAN level. The 2021 edition started on Wednesday, February 17th, with partnership collaboration between MIICA Malaysia, Food Science Department of Institut Pertanian Bogor, Nutrition Department of Universitas Diponegoro, Universitas Dian Nuswantoro, Indonesia International Institute for Life Science (i3L), Himpunan Penggiat Adiwiyata Indonesia, and Yayasan Prestasi Pendidik Indonesia.

More than 450 teams from 20 countries in the world (Indonesia, Malaysia, USA, South Korea, Singapore, Sudan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Yemen, Brazil, Turkey, Macau Sar, México, Thailand, Macao, Iran, Nepal, Egypt, Iraq, Azerbaijan) joining this event.

There are 4 categories in AISEEF 2021 such as Innovative Science (Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics), Environmental Science, Social Science, and Entrepreneur.

Every team that registered in AISEEF 2021 must submit abstract, presentation video and poster.

AISEEF judging session that was held on February 18-19th, 2021. In this year, judging session for AISEEF is different than the previous year. This time there are only questions and answers, and case studies for judging session. Every team have 8 minutes for question and answer session and 7 minutes for case studies session.

Finally, the awarding ceremony was held on Tuesday, February 23th, 2021 announcing the winners of AISEEF 2021

There were many awards for the best teams such as :

  1. Gold medals, silver medals, bronze medals from IYSA
  2. Best Innovation Award from IYSA
  3. Yayasan Pendidik Prestasi Indonesia (YPPI) Special Award
  4. Himpunan Penggiat Adiwiyata Indonesia (HPAI) Special Awrad
  5. UNDIP Special Award
  6. IPB Special Award
  7. I3L Special Award
  8. MIICA Special award
  9. IYSA Special Award
  10. IYSA Semi Grand Award
  11. MIICA Grand Award
  12. UDINUS Grand Award
  13. I3L Grand Award
  14. IYSA Grand Award

So, congratulations for all winners, you’re doing a good job!  You can check list of the winner of AISEEF 2021 at

See you in AISEEF 2022. Keep active, creative, and innovative !

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