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IYSA Festival

IYSA FESTIVAL 2021, Has Been Successfully Carried Out!!

Indonesian Young Scientist Association (IYSA) cooperated between BUCA IMSEF, Turkey, Malaysia Innovation Invention Creativity Association (MIICA), The Union of Arab Academics, Departemen Aktuaria Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember, and Science Hunter Indonesia already hold the IYSA Festival 2021.

IYSA Festival is a series of events, not only in the form of invention and innovation at the national and international level, but also contains art performances. This year is the first year of the IYSA Festival with the theme “Empowering your Potential Skills with IYSA”. There are several events that held simultaneously, among others Online Science Project Competition (OSPC), Youth National Science Fair (YNSF), Youth International Science Fair (YISF).

IYSA Festival the 2021 edition started on Thursday April 1st for Opening Ceremony. The first sequence starts with the document assessment of the OSPC event started on April 3-4th, then live judging for YNSF on April 6-7th. Previously, YNSF participants had gone through several selection stages before reaching the final round, and the last, live judging for YISF started on April 10-11th 2021.

Totally more than 500 teams from 23 countries in the world (Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, South Korea, Macedonia, Turkey, Tunisia, USA, Macau, India, Mexico, Argentina, Azerbaijan, Romania, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Bosnia, United Arab Emirates, Turkmenistan, Bolivia and Rusia) joining this IYSA Festival event.

There are 3 categories in OSPC such as Life Science, Social Science, and Physics and Engineering, 4 categories in YNSF such as Life Science, Social Science, Technology and Computer, and Physics and Engineering, and 5 categories in YISF such as Life Science, Social Science, Technology and Computer, Physics and Engineering and Environment.

Finally, the awarding ceremony was held on Friday, April 16th, 2021, announcing the winners of IYSA Festival 2021:

There were many awards for the best teams such as :

  1. Gold medals, silver medals, bronze medals from IYSA
  2. Honourable Mention for OSPC dan YNSF
  3. MIICA Special Award
  4. BUCA IMSEF Special Award
  5. IYSA Special Award
  6. IYSA Semi Grand Award
  7. IYSA Grand Award

So, congratulations for all winners, you’re doing a good job!  You can check list of the winner of IYSA Festival 2021 at and

See you in IYSA Festival 2022, keep active, creative, and innovative !

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