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IYSA International Webinar Successfully Carried Out!!

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By looking at the current development and knowledge of children about science, inventions and innovations, especially in the ­eld of environmental science, it requires us to know the extent of students’ insight, knowledge and abilities in applying the knowledge they have received at school or university. Therefore, Indonesian Young Scientist Association (IYSA) in a collaboration with Indonesia International Institute for Life Sciences (i3L) proovide an International Webinar with a theme of Invention, Innovation, and Research in Health, Medicine, Environment.

The International Webinar was conducted online on Friday, July 16th 2021 through Zoom Meeting Platform. There are more than 150 participants participating in this webinar.

There are 2 wonderful speaker from Macedonia and Indonesia. The first speaker is Dr Dragan Jovanov, an International advisor of positive thoughts, Academician, Scientist, Researcher, Humanist, Educator, Agroecologist, and Phytotherapist from republic of Macedonia. The second speaker is Professor Dr. Raldi Hendro T.S. Koestoer from School of Environmental Science of Universitas Indonesia. Prof Raldi also an Expert team of IYSA, Lecturer at School of Environmental Science of Universitas Indonesia, Senior advisor to Coordinating Minister of Economic Affair in Republic Indonesia, and also a Senior University Professor.

Dr Dragan Jovanov was concerned to talk about Modern Phytomedicine influence and action of herbal plants for protection from the viruses and also a climate change with agroecology and phytomedicine in mostly Macedonia. In the other hand, Prof. Dr. Raldi Hendro T.S. Koestoer was focussing on sustainable business during pandemic situation. Prof Raldi mention the tripple bottom line which is Economic, Social, and Environmental to achieve succesfully business on pandemic situation. Prof Raldi also consider Internet of Things or IoT for one of the best implementation business in Pandemic Situation. At the end, Prof Raldi stated that “During pandemic, innovators and inventors need to create a breakthrough in sustainable business model. The understandings of business formula by Law of Diminishing Return & SWOT analyses turn out to be necessary”

An amazing International Webinar by IYSA and i3L. See you in the next International Webinar. Keep Active, Creative, and Innovative!

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