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IYSA International Webinar Successfully Carried Out!!

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Last July 2021, IYSA succesfully held an international webinar with a theme of Invention, Innovation, and Research in Health, Medicine, Environment. This August considering the extent of students’ insight and abilities and participation in applying the knowledge they have received. Therefore, Indonesian Young Scientist Association (IYSA) again held the International Webinar with a theme of “Divergent Thinking and Innovation”.

This International Webinar was conducted online on Friday, August 6th 2021 through Zoom Meeting Platform. There are more than 80 participants participating in this webinar. There are 2 wonderful speaker from India and Polandia. The first speaker is Mr Raman Teja, a CEO and Co-Founder of Alltronics Technologies Pvt. Ltd, and an Event Organizer GYSC in India. The second speaker is Ms Edyta Wolczyk, a Chief Executive Officer (IBS Global Company) also an Event Organizer E-NNOVATE, Polandia.

Mr Raman Teja and Ms Edyta Wolczyk was concerned to talk about Divergent/Convergent Thinking, and Innovation. Starting with creativity and live activity to create an interactive sessions between speaker and participants. Mr Raman stated that creativity is the act of turning new imaginative ideas into reality through perception, hidden patterns, and producing. And following the GYSC and E-NNOVATE promotion event.

What an amazing International Webinar by IYSA. See you in the next International Webinar. Keep Active, Creative, and Innovative!

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