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Victory to All World Invention Competition and Exhibition 2021 Participants!!

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  • Victory to All World Invention Competition and Exhibition 2021 Participants!!

World Invention Competition and Exhibition is an international competition held by Indonesian Young Scientist Association in a collaboration with SEGi College Subang Jaya, Malaysia.

SEGi College opened it doors in 2006 and provide a recognise programme using innovative teaching and research methods to produce a world class graduates with skills and knowledge. Therefore, to provide the needs of researcher all over the world, IYSA collaborate with SEGi College Subang Jaya Malaysia to create an international level event called World Invention Competition and Exhibition. This event also supported by:

1. Malaysia Innovation Invention and Creativity Association, Malaysia

2. Societatea Stiintifica, Cygnus – Centru UNESCO, Romania

3. Daily Center Association “ Doza Srekja” – Skopje, RN. Macedonia

4. I-FEST² Tunisia

5. Bangladesh Advance Robotics Research Center

6. Red Nacional de Actividades Juveniles en Ciencia y Tecnologia

IYSA create World Invention Competition and Exhibition as a place for researchers to express their idea and innovations. This year we succeeded to invite 369 Teams from 29 Countries all over the world (Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Japan, Belarus, Republic of Korea, India, Philippines, Malaysia, Iran, Turkey, Mexico, Thailand, USA, Vietnam, Serbia, Macedonia, Hongkong, China, Egypt, Iraq, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Uni Arab Emirates, Sierra Leone, Algeria, Pakistan, Srilanka, Tunisia, and Sudan).

WICE 2021 was conducted online through Zoom Application new features with OBS Studio, started with the Opening Ceremony on September 27th 2021, continue in September 28th for the Live Judging Session, and end in the Closing and Awarding Ceremony on Thursday, September 30th 2021.

There are 6 Categories in WICE such as IT and Robotics, Innovative Social Sciences, Life Science, Environmental, Physics and Engineering, and Others.

The Closing and Awarding Ceremony was held on Thursday, September 28th 2021, announcing the winners and awards of WICE 2021 such as :

  1. Gold Medal

  2. Silver Medal

  3. Bronze Medal

  4. MIICA Special Award

  5. SEGi Special Award

  6. Macedonia Special Award

  7. IYSA Special Award

  8. Paraguay Semi Grand Award

  9. IYSA Semi Grand Award

  10. SEGi Grand Award

Participants that receiving the Paraguay Grand Award will get free registration to RED Global CoCiTec 2021 International Event. SEGi provide the Grand Award of 100% free tuition in SEGi College Subang Jaya Malaysia for the winner. Congratulations to all the winners of WICE 2021, dont stop on reaching your dreams! You can check the list of the winners of WICE 2021 at

See you in WICE 2022, Keep Active, Creative, and Innovative!

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