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World Science, Environment and Engineering Competiton (WSEEC) 2021, Has Been Successfully Carried Out!!

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  • World Science, Environment and Engineering Competiton (WSEEC) 2021, Has Been Successfully Carried Out!!

Indonesian Young Scientist Association (IYSA) cooperated between School of Environment UI and Jakarta Global University already hold the World Science, Environment and Engineering Competiton (WSEEC) 2021 Online and Offline Competition.

WSEEC is one of the biggest and important events at the WORLD level. This event already hold by online and offline competition. This is the first time IYSA held an International Event offline and online in pandemic situation. The Offline judging was conducted in Jakarta Global University with a proper health protocol such as Swab Test, Disinfectant, Mask, and Hand Sanitizer.

WSEEC the 2021 edition started on Thursday June 17th for Opening Ceremony, June 18th is judging session. For online competitions, the judging session by zoom application, and for offline competition participants must present their project directly in front of the judge

Totally more than 288 teams from 21 countries in the world (Indonesia, USA,Thailand, South Korea, Macedonia, Nigeria, Malaysia, Phillipines, Puerto Rico, Turkey, Hongkong, Macao, India, Rusia, Romania, Iran, Yaman, South Africa, Vietnam, Mexico, Iraq and Indonesia) joining this WSEEC event.

There are 7 categories in WSEEC such as Physics, Mathematics, Social Science, Technology, Energy and Engineering, Life Science and Environment.

Finally, the awarding ceremony was held on Sunday, June 20th, 2021, announcing the winners of WSEEC 2021:

There were many awards for the best teams such as :

  • Myocho Kan
  • Gold Medal
  • Silver Medal
  • Bronze Medal
  • Doza Srekja Macedonia Special Award
  • IYSA Special Award
  • MIICA Special Award
  • I-FEST Tunisia Special Award
  • MIICA Semi Grand Award
  • IYSA Semi Grand Award
  • Technociencias Paraguay Cup Semi Grand Award
  • I-FEST Tunisia Grand Award
  • JGU Grand Award
  • IYSA Grand Award

So, congratulations for all winners, you’re doing a good job! You can check list of the winner of WSEEC 2021 at

See you in WSEEC 2022, keep active, creative, and innovative !

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